12 Amazing Lubricants to Gift your Partner this Holiday Season

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12 Amazing Lubricants to Gift your Partner this Holiday Season

As the age-old adage goes, “ The Wetter The Better “ is a truth vouched by anyone who has experienced an incredible sex session. For this reason, Viagra UAE offers a plethora of personal lubricants and several water-based lube that can play a crucial role in heightening the sexual experience for millions around the world. It can magnify sexual pleasures in people of all genders and every age group.

Reasons For Using LubricantsReasons For Using Lubricants

Although both genders use personal lubricants, a majority of them include women. Typically during sexual arousal, the vagina naturally generates lubrication for making sex more pleasurable and comfortable. The wet vagina reduces the discomfort and friction during sexual interactions and offers an enjoyable session. However, a surge in the female population using personal lubricants is due to “vaginal dryness”. This dryness can be caused due to many reasons, including a decrease in estrogen levels during menstruation, vaginal infections, chemotherapy, breastfeeding, or if the person has been affected with breast cancer. For avoiding dry vaginal situations, lubricant gels or water-based lubes can be applied on the vagina, anal area and vulva for a lubricious sexual experience. Moreover, men also use lubricants on the penis for friction-free penetration and smoothness.

Benefits Of Using Personal Lubricants

Benefits Of Using Personal Lubricants

  • Ultimate Fun Due to Less Friction
  • Less Risk of Yeast Infections
  • More Active And Satisfying Sex Sessions
  • Embrace The Use of Lubricants To Enjoy an Amazing Foreplay
  • More Pleasurable When Performing Masturbation
  • Highly Beneficial For Women With Sensitive Skin
  • Lube the Condom For A Stimulating Sexual Adventure
  • Helps To Create An Intense Orgasm
  • Prevent Abrasions and Condom Breakage
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Sessions

Different Types Of Lubricants

Personal Lubricants with a combination of novel features and flavours are available in the market. And owing to the surge in demand, several variants of lubricants with unique properties are introduced yearly by different brands.

  • Water-Based Lubricants – are the most popular type of lubricant used by a majority of people. These water-based lubes are crafted to mimic the cervical mucus and do not irritate the skin. They provide exceptional moisturizing to the delicate tissues in the genitals and relieves vaginal dryness.
  • Oil-Based Lubricants contain organic oils like coconut, almond or sunflower oils as the primary ingredients. These oil-based lubricants can be easily applied to ski and cover a larger surface area than water-based lubes. Although an organic oil, these lubricants create an ideal environment for bacterial organisms to inhabit the genital areas.
  • Silicon-Based Lubricants – provides a long-lasting and unmatched slickness to the user, unlike other personal lubricants. These lubricant gels are perfect for getting raunchy in the shower as they do not rinse off quickly in contact with water. Although effective, these silicon-based lubricants can damage the sex toys made with silicon.

Let Us Now Explore The Extensive Collection of Personal Lubricants From Viagra UAE

Water-Based Lubricant Warm|Cool|Normal


  1. Water-Based Lubricant Warm | Cool | Normal

    Without a doubt, this is the finest water-based warming lube that can relieve the inconvenience of vaginal dryness and other genital irritations. This lube has been upgraded with a special formula that generates a slight warm feeling after application.

    Japanese “Toysheart” Water-Based Lubricant

  2. Japanese “Toysheart” Water-Based Lubricant

    Being one of the best water-based lubricants, the Japanese Toys Heart is undoubtedly a remarkable lube that reduces the intense friction during intimate sessions and simultaneously heightens the pleasure quotient. This water-based lube is a refined product free from preservatives such as parabens, phthalates and sulphates.

    Big Toys Water-Based Lubricant Gel “Booty Lube!”

  3. Big Toys Water-Based Lubricant Gel “Booty Lube!”

    Spice up your love life and indulge in a mind-blowing sex session with your partner with the exclusive Big toys water-based lube from Viagra UAE. This lube is highly sought after for having a preservative-free formulation and a high level of viscosity.

    Wet Stuff Flavoured Lubricant Lube

  4. Wet Stuff Flavoured Lubricant Lube

    Enjoy a flavoursome and stimulating sexual encounter with your partner like never before with the all-new Wet Stuff Flavoured Lubricant Lube from Viagra UAE. This personal lubricant is non-greasy, salted, colourless and absolutely edible.

     Aloe Vera, Water-Based Lubricant 300ml

  5. Aloe Vera, Water-Based Lubricant

    Lube up with the organic water-based lube to heighten your intimacy and nourish your nether regions. These natural lubricants are entirely devoid of Sulphates, Gluten, Parabens, Phthalates and undoubtedly enhances your sex life.

    Flavoured Lubricant |Lemon|Peach|Apple

  6. Flavoured Lubricant | Lemon | Peach | Apple

    Go on a wild spree by experimenting with various sexual techniques and positions with the Flavoured Lubricant from Viagra UAE. This water-based lube can do wonders for pleasure seekers to amplify their intensity on the bed. The lubricant is suitable for oral, vaginal and various other sexual manoeuvres that you can think of.

    HotKiss Cherry Flavoured Lubricant 100ml

  7. HotKiss Cherry Flavoured Lubricant

    Use the HotKiss Cherry Flavoured Lubricant from Viagra UAE to indulge in a stunning sex session with your partner. The cherry flavour can induce a breath of fresh air on the bed and adds a tantalizing effect to your erogenous zones.

     LoveKiss Strawberry Lubricant 100ml Lube

  8. LoveKiss Strawberry Lubricant 

    This exhilarating water-based lube from Viagra UAE improves your intimacy by providing a stimulating sexual session. Get highly sensual and erotic with the help of this remarkable Lovekiss Strawberry Lubricant.

    Tenga Water-Based Lubricant 160ml

  9. Tenga Water-Based Lubricant 

    This gentle water-based lube is an unparalleled product for moisturizing your intimate areas. The formulation is concocted to provide maximum tingling effect to the skin for a smooth and erotic sexual experience.

    Mizz Zee Water-based lubricant,3 Scents Rose|Lavender|Warm 300ml

  10. Mizz Zee Water-Based Lubricant, 3 Scents, Rose | Lavender | Warm 

    This water-based lube is a renowned product that bestows a stimulating sensation to the body for maximum sexual arousal. The lubricants do not cause any unwanted reactions on the body as they are devoid of parabens, phthalates and sulphates. You can buy these personal lubricants from Viagra UAE in three exciting flavours: rose, lavender, and thermal (warming effect).

    0rls Sx lubricant 100ml

  11. Oral Sex Lubricant

    The unique formula is designed for offering a smooth and flawless sexual experience. These lubricants can provide profound arousal and effortlessly stimulate the body. In addition, this lube is chemical-free and bestows a prolonged effect on the body.

    Chun Shui water-based lubricant 300ml

  12. Chun Shui Water-Based Lubricant

    Improve the texture of your sexual organs and remove genital dryness with the phenomenal Chun Shui water-based lube. They can be the perfect personal lubricant for individuals who seek a friction-free lovemaking session.

    Lotion Japan water-based lubricant 300ml

  13. Lotion Japan Water-Based Lubricant 

    “An impressive lubricant with a surge in demand” is what defines this water-based lube from Viagra UAE. The refreshing lubricant gel is immensely relaxing to the genital areas and provides high viscosity, unlike other personal lubricants.

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